Their not-so-secret identities include familiar names that span centuries: founding father Ben Franklin, inventor Thomas Edison, anthropologist Dian Fossey and Silicon Valley visionary Steve Jobs. Considered together, they’re the American Giants of Science — a superteam with a mission to rekindle a young nation’s intellectual curiosity in a tech-driven age when scientific inquiry appears under siege.

On Wednesday morning, explorers aged 7 and up are invited to take part in an interactive “whirlwind tour through time,” with the point of departure the Middletown Township Public Library.

Presented by the barnstorming performers of the traveling Bright Star Theatre troupe, the approximately 45-minute “laugh out loud funny” program offers the opportunity to meet and greet many of the inventors, scientists, researchers and inspired tinkerers who helped cement America’s standing as a place whose spirit of innovation ranged from the ivy-draped halls of top universities to the makeshift workshops of garages and barns.

Audience volunteers are called upon to help Franklin fly his kite, place a historic phone call with Alexander Graham Bell, and work alongside several other world-famous game changers as they arrive at their “Eureka” moments.

Take it here to register for the 11:30 a.m. program, presented as part of the library’s “Build a Better World” summer reading schedule of events.