Sandra-HeadshotBestselling author and radio personality Sandra Tsing-Loh (above) joins Fox 5 News reporter Teresa Priolo (below) as keynote speakers for the 2015 Women’s Conference, going on Monday at Brookdale Community College.

teresaYou might know her from her numerous (and often humorous) commentary appearances on public-radio platforms like This American Life and Morning Edition. Maybe you’ve read her books, among them Aliens in America, Mother on Fire and last year’s bestselling The Madwoman in the Volvo. And if you’re a regular peruser of The Atlantic, you’ve no doubt encountered her pull-no-punches point of view in such articles as “The Monogamy Trap,” “On Being a Bad Mother,” “The Bitch is Back,” and “Daddy Issues (Why caring for my aging father has me wishing he would die).”

Whether engaging broadcast audiences, riling up letters-to-the-editor types, or occasionally pursuing impulses as a performance artist and musician, Sandra Tsing Loh is a woman of myriad talents and exceptional energies — and on the morning of Monday, April 20, the West Coast native makes an inspired choice of keynote speaker for the 2015 edition of A Women’s Conference, going on between the hours of 9 am and 2 pm at Brookdale Community College.

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