RBCS summer STEMPress release from Red Bank Charter School

Jayshawn Banks, an eighth grade student at Red Bank Middle School, peeks above the top of his laptop — just enough time to compare the sailboat blueprint he’s developing on his screen with the real dinghy that is being assembled just a few feet away.

Jayshawn’s classmate, Shelly Vasquez, a seventh grader at Red Bank Charter School, does the same. Both are intent on the task at hand: to build a sailboat. And while both students know they can get quick answers from their teachers in the room, they remain steadfastly independent, choosing to work with their peers instead.

“We feel like architects,” Jayshawn said. “And when we run into problems, we know we can ask the teacher, but we’d rather figure it out ourselves.”

This balance of independence and collaboration is a hallmark of the five-week RBCS Summer Institute, available to all elementary school-aged children.

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Press release from Red Bank Charter School

In November, the students and faculty of the Red Bank Charter School (RBCS) participated in a clothing fundraiser to support the nonprofit One Simple Wish. The New Jersey-based organization, dedicated to providing help and support to foster children, made news recently when its founder and Executive Director Danielle Gletow was named one of the top 10 CNN Heroes of the Year, for her efforts in granting “simple wishes” to these children.

“Education is more than just academics,” said RBCS Second Grade teacher Brenda Conni, who organized the collection of used clothing items at the school. “If we are to guide students towards global learning and productive citizenship we need to provide enriching learning experiences while incorporating lifelong values.”

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