curchin 102814curchin 110613 5Let’s face it, golf is about exercise without breaking a sweat, right? So why not do it in the climate-controlled comfort of  an office, beverage in hand?

The Curchin Open, an indoor golf tournament held annually in the Lincroft offices of the CPA firm Curchin Group, returns for its ninth edition Wednesday. And amid the scratch-off games, raffles and fine refreshments, players will once again get to play nine, fun-filled holes laid out among the cubicles.

The proceeds of the event (at $20 per player) will be split between the Samaritan Center at the Jersey Shore and HABcore Inc. The open runs from 4 to 7 p.m. at 200 Schulz Drive, suite 400. To reserve a tee time, call Dawn Grosso at 732-747-0500. (Click to enlarge)


holiday-express-1A packed-greenhouse crowd at Sickles Market raised $72,500 last Friday night for Holiday Express, the rolling musical extravaganza that brings good cheer this time of year to 50 or so audiences. (Photo by Peter Lindner. Click to enlarge)

Done2A great American (Patrick Henry? Paul Bunyan? Leo Gorcey?) once observed, “They also Done Good, who stand and wait.” And as most of us wait here in the all-clear zone between the chaos of Halloweelection Day and the holiday hyperdrive heralded by Black Friday, we remind you that November continues to offer more than a few ways in which to Do Good.

It could be as easy as contributing a couple of bucks or some nonperishable items to any of the many food banks that operate year-round on the greater Red Bank green. A donation to an area toy drive. Or a helping hand for your neighborhood school, church and youth organization to help others, simply by attending (and having a blast at) one of the fun events scheduled for the days and weeks to come.

We’ve got a few recommendations right around the corner, so pass the candied yams and dig on in.

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