RBR students Stacy Osorio, on the phone above, making pre-Christmas calls with Stacey Tepoz from Santa’s workshop (borough hall) earlier this month. Below, Heather O’Donnell cracks up after calling a wrong number with Emily Maier. (Photos by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge.)

Press release from Red Bank Regional High:

Little Silver:  A big part of the Christmas season for little girls and boys is visiting Santa Claus and reciting him their Christmas wish list.  That is not always possible for some boys and girls in the Red Bank community, especially those whose families do not own or drive cars and can’t take them to visit the local mall, where Santa usually sets up shop.  So nine years ago, community leader David Prown, assisted by his good friend Enrico Ciabattoni, facilitated a special communication with Santa Claus and those kids in Red Bank he might have missed.

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Future BucsPress release from Red Bank Charter School

This past week, the Monmouth University Womensʼ Basketball team hosted a group of 6th, 7th and 8th grade girls from Red Bank Charter School and Red Bank Middle School, for a special tour of the Monmouth campus.

The “Future Bucs” from Red Bank were the guests of the basketball team members, for a guided tour of the dining hall, library, dorm area, academic area and, of course, the athletic area. Lamiyah, Laniyah, Tania, Ariel, Winnie, Mandy, Makayla, Joann, Mitzi, Jennifer and Joselin all took advantage of this wonderful opportunity. The event was chaperoned by Future Buc founders Enrico Ciabattoni and David Prown.

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GabbyRed Bank Regional sophomore Gabby Lopez spent her summer vacation as a coach for programs that included Little Silver summer softball, and Red Bank Future Bucs volunteer volleyball. 

Press release from Red Bank Regional High School

Prior to participating in the Red Bank Future Bucs youth sports program last summer, Gabriella (Gabby) Lopez of Red Bank was completely unfamiliar with the sport of volleyball. She soon grew to enjoy the high-energy game and became dedicated to mastering it — and when she became a student at Red Bank Regional High School, she tried out for and won a place on the RBR freshmen volleyball team, despite spraining her ankle days before.

The rising RBR sophomore had always taken part in sports through middle school, and always enjoyed working out in the gym doing cardio, weight-training and high-intensity kick-boxing. What Gabby also discovered was that she loved helping others learn and enjoy sports.

Gabby volunteered to coach softball in her town’s recreational league this summer, as well the Little Silver recreational summer softball clinic. She took on a summer job as a camp counselor at the Red Bank Salvation Army, guiding younger children through recreational activities. Despite her busy schedule, on Sunday nights throughout July and August, Gabby coached the Red Bank Future Bucs’ volunteer volleyball program, which is organized by Red Bank Community youth leaders David Prown and Enrico Ciabattoni.

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enricoEnrico Ciabattoni is spearheading an effort to raise money for boys and girls soccer clinics in Red Bank. (Photo by Dustin Racioppi; click to enlarge)


A possible solution to a money problem could be as simple as shaking a can or putting an open hand out and asking, ‘Can you spare some cash?’

That’s not how Enrico Ciabattoni wants to do business, though.

The Peters Place resident, trying to raise funds for an end-of-summer soccer clinic at the Red Bank Middle School, is making the kids who want to be part of the camp do the work.

“I wanted it more to be the kids learning to help themselves rather than going to someone and saying, hey, can you give us some money?” Ciabattoni said.

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