Future BucsPress release from Red Bank Charter School

This past week, the Monmouth University Womensʼ Basketball team hosted a group of 6th, 7th and 8th grade girls from Red Bank Charter School and Red Bank Middle School, for a special tour of the Monmouth campus.

The “Future Bucs” from Red Bank were the guests of the basketball team members, for a guided tour of the dining hall, library, dorm area, academic area and, of course, the athletic area. Lamiyah, Laniyah, Tania, Ariel, Winnie, Mandy, Makayla, Joann, Mitzi, Jennifer and Joselin all took advantage of this wonderful opportunity. The event was chaperoned by Future Buc founders Enrico Ciabattoni and David Prown.

Once back in Monmouthʼs Multipurpose Activity Center, aka the MAC, a second group from the womenʼs basketball team brought the Red Bank girls into the Boylan Gym, and gave them a mini-clinic in basketball skills, followed by a scrimmage among the middle school-age players. The Monmouth players acted as coaches and referees for the game.

The event was capped off with a photo op in the MACʼs basketball court, which also included some dance moves for Monmouthʼs Erica Balman since it was her birthday (actually, she was doing pretty well with the moves, given that sheʼs a 6ʼ5” center on the team). The best part of the afternoon was the fact that the girls from Red Bank — all of them “Future Bucs” who are on the path to attending Red Bank Regional High School, and taking part in the school’s Buccaneers athletic programs — got to spend time interacting with a great group of student athletes, who helped to demystify the college experience.