Donald “Yusef” Rogers holds the coin toss at Eastside Park to begin Game 1 of F.L.A.G. Football last Sunday. (Photo courtesy of Chris Melvin; photo below by Stacie Fanelli. Click to enlarge)


Red Bank Police Detective Joey Fields, local high school athletic talent scout Christopher Melvin, and McDonald’s employee Donald “Yusef” Rogers have been a band of brothers since their days growing up together in the borough. Now, the three have put their heads together to create a way to keep the noses of Red Bank’s youth clean during the summer stretch.

A couple weeks ago, Rogers suggested a friendly Father’s Day pick-up football game, an idea that Fields gave a creative spin to and turned into a community-wide event to promote wholesome fun and involvement.

“He came to me with it for fun, and I threw a twist into it,” said Fields, seen at left. “I said, ‘We could use the football as a tool to say, hey, if you want to be involved in this game, you have to be willing to stick around afterward to do something for the community.’ ” More →