Beatlemania_Stage_Show_Sgt_Pepper_OfficialBeing for the Benefit: Lincroft’s own Lucien Nocelli (right, as John Lennon) leads his Beatlemania Stage Show mates back to the Two River Theater on Sunday.

When he’s just being his own, talented self, Lincroft-based guitarist, singer, songwriter and music educator Lucien Nocelli plays and records as a fast-fingered fusion fretmeister. But whenever there’s a cause to be supported, Nocelli suits up as John Lennon – whether in “Ed Sullivan” era garb, colorful “Sgt. Pepper” uniforms or “Abbey Road styled apparel” – and puts out the call to his mates in the Beatlemania Stage Show.

Based on the long-running Broadway smash that framed the Fab Four’s music in period costumes and projected images of the tumultuous Sixties, the musical multimedia presentation has summoned the Beatles back into being every August for the past several years with a benefit show on the stage of Red Bank’s Two River Theater.

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The Beatlemania Stage Show — featuring Lucien Nocelli, Lincroft’s answer to Lennon— returns for its annual benefit concert at Two River Theater this Sunday afternoon, August 3.

The original Lads lineup may have crossed that pedestrian walkway to the other side — but like some jukebox Justice League, it often becomes necessary to summon The Beatles back into being whenever there’s a cause to be supported; a wrong to be righted. And so it is that every now and then, Lincroft-based guitarist, singer, songwriter and music educator Lucien Nocelli assembles his mates, suits up in moptop wigs, matching suits and Beatle boots, and takes to the stage for a musical multimedia presentation that can only be called The Beatlemania Stage Show.

Based on the long-running Broadway smash that framed the Fab Four’s music in period costume changes and projected images of the tumultuous Sixties, the regional touring act presents Nocelli — a fast-fingered fusion fretmeister on his own recordings — as John Lennon, an artist he’s channeled both in these Beatlemania shows and in intimate solo settings. He’s joined by Bob Halligan Jr. (Paul), Joe Nocco (Ringo) and James Striffolino (George) for a polished tribute that returns to the stage of Two River Theater on Sunday, August 3.

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beatlemanialuciennocelliThe Beatlemania Stage Show — co-starring Lucien Nocelli of Lincroft (right) as John Lennon — rolls up to the stage of Red Bank’s Two River Theater for a fab fundraiser on Sunday.

Beatlemania is coming to Two River Theater for a benefit concert! But wait, didn’t we just publish this story a couple of months ago? Yes, we did — but that was an altogether different foursome of MockTops, and an event (presented by Red Bank Rotary Club) dedicated to an altogether different collection of worthy causes.

You see, The Beatles never really went away — and never ever left the hearts of the people of New Jersey, a state in which most everyone of a certain age treasures a recollection of Sullivan Show ’64 (and which gave the world The Knickerbockers in return). From celebrity tributeers like The Fab Faux to veteran costume acts like The Mahoney Brothers, we need never venture too far afield for our FabFour fix — and it seems that whenever and wherever there’s a charitable cause to be advanced, a medical bill to be paid, a grave wrong to be righted, the Beatles suit up and re-emerge in some shape or form like some semi-retired Justice League.

Here in and around the greater Red Bank Green, that moptopped mania often manifests itself in the host entity of the Beatlemania Stage Show, a two-hour, four-act extravaganza that offers spot-on recreations of Beatles material, ranging from the cheerful chirp of their earliest singles to the ambitious, genre-smashing gotterdammerung of their final studio masterworks.

Co-fronted by Lincroft-based singer, songwriter, guitarist and businessman Lucien Nocelli, the show comes to the Two River stage on the afternoon of Sunday, May 1, in a concert from which proceeds are being dedicated to the nonprofit organization Housing & United Service Inc. of NJ.

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