It’s like a Breakfast Burrito at Tiffany’s as British garage-rock sensation Holly Golightly makes her area debut this Saturday at the panoramic window-view stage of 10th Ave Burrito.

10th ave 071915It’s a genuinely offbeat option for your Saturday evening’s entertainment, here in a town where the live music choices tend to run toward coverband crowd-pleasers, saloon-scene stalwarts, and the well-established household names of the top-ticket tourbus circuit.

But Brian Katz of the recently opened Red Bank branch of 10th Ave. Burrito Company has gone on record to the effect that the bar-restaurant’s music bookings will continue to be a prime distinguishing feature in the downtown’s competitive nightscape — and on October 24, the river-view stage area at 10th Ave scoops all other area clubs as it plays host to alt-rock cult favorite from across the pond, in her first local appearance.

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