penny-arcadeThe West Front Street branch of TD Bank invites customers to help Kick Cancer Overboard this Friday, by donating to a community fundraising initiative through its Penny Arcade coin-counter machine. (TD Bank photo; location pictured is not specified)

From press materials furnished by TD Bank

When it comes to people whose lives have been affected by cancer, there’s no such thing as nickel-and-diming our way to solutions that provide much-needed relief to patients and their families. Every little bit helps — and with that in mind, TD Bank has established a company-wide “Bring Change” campaign, designed to convert loose coins into agents of positive action.

This Friday, December 18, the TD branch at 89 West Front Street in Red Bank joins the campaign, with an invitation to all members of the community to put in their “two cents’ worth” and then some — and with the Penny Arcade coin counter machine serving as designated hub for a fundraising effort to which the bank will match up to $2,000 in coins counted, and donate it to the nonprofit organization known as Kick Cancer Overboard.

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