Walter C Loren FisherPhotographer, naturalist and New Jersey history expert Walter Choroszewski goes looking for fossils — and finds more than one kind of classic rock — when he visits the Middletown Library on Wednesday evening. (photo by Loren Fisher)

It’s an epic saga, etched in rock, that begins with the dinosaurs — and arrives full circle, in a manner of speaking, at the classic-rock era of the Jersey Shore. It’s the history of the Garden State, told as you’ve probably never heard it before, by Walter Choroszewski. When the photographer, author and NJ historian visits Middletown Township Public Library on Wednesday, July 30, he’ll be treating young listeners of ages 6 and up to a “New Jersey Rocks!” presentation that spans the big “Freeze-Out” of the Ice Age, and stands in the footprints of the giants who walked the jungleland of JurAsbury Park.

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