So much for reflexively ascribing virtues to people without first checking our facts. It turns out Dayna Stein of the Dueling Steins hasn’t been sitting out the recent weeks of ‘Where’ simply to give other readers a chance to win, as we supposed in this space last week. Instead, she tells us, we’ve had her flummoxed.

‘The first two shots were easy,’ she says in an e-mail. ‘Now it seems you have raised the bar. I am stumped, not gracious here!’

As much as we hate to be wrong about character, and as much as it pains us to have to take Dayna off the pedestal we hastily constructed for her, we can live with both if it means there’s stumpage out there. Because that’s kind of the point of Where Have I Seen This. It shouldn’t be easy, after all.

Then again, easy is a relative term, and last week, regular travelers through Little Silver were among the least challenged. The winner was Adam E, who nailed the location of those agricultural blue tubes—they’re on Seven Bridge Road, at the intersection of Silverside Avenue—before most of us were out of bed last Thursday. Four other readers also got it right.

Adam and most of the other players surmised that the tubes are sheltering grape vines, and they appear to be correct. The owners of the property weren’t home when we rang the doorbell yesterday, but the endposts on each planted row were marked with labels. We could make out ones for ‘Cabernet Sauvignon,’ ‘Pinot Noir’ and ‘Golden Muscat.’ So if those are tomatoes coming in, somebody’s got a wry sense of humor over there on the Shrewsbury River.

Let’s see if either of Dueling Steins can get back into the competition this week with the little number above. As always, we ask that you e-mail your guesses rather than sending them via Comments. Thanks for playing.