Good god, how did we get sucked into this celebrity coverage all of a sudden? First Kittie, then the Springsteens, and now this. Will it never end?


Anyway, we feel it is our duty to report that Sheryl Crow just finished a shopping spree at the Antique Center. Yes, the same place where Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa gave a scruffy little concert on Friday, no doubt much to the chagrin of the scribes at the Post’s Page Six.

Crow is performing tonight with John Mayer in Holmdel, at the Arts Center named for a bank. We’re told she bought a lot of stuff for a farmhouse she purchased recently.

Somebody informed Crow about the Springsteen/Scialfa visit on Friday. Her response, according to our highly reliable source: “Oh, I really want to give them a call.”

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