Here’s a belated welcome to Scott Betesh and his two-month-old Broad Street emporium called Maison Blanche.

Betesh, of Long Branch, comes from a family of antiques wholesalers, and he’s the first to venture into the dicey game of retail.

He sells antiques, yes, but also new furniture, jewelry and some outdoor pieces. “There’s a big antique market here in Red Bank, and a lot of home furnishings stores, but I try to bring something a little different.”

Why Red Bank? “It’s really become a destination,” he says. “I used to come here for drinks, and I really like the way the town has evolved. I see a really, really bright future here.”

If Betesh is concerned about getting caught in the riptides of the Broad Street churn, he keeps it to himself, just as he’s not bashing the landlords for the rental rates that others complain are out of whack.

“I could have gone to a lot of other towns, but I think Red Bank is worth it because it’s a destination,” says Betesh.

He’s got some help in the shop, but his relatives are sticking with the world of wholesale.

“Nobody else wants to work retail—they think I’m crazy,” says Betesh. “It’s a lot of long hours.”

The store is at 65 Broad.

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