Our apologies, Shrewsbury, for thinking of you only as an uber-suburb. This is not the kind of experience we’re used to having within your staid environs. But it seems you do have the capacity to surprise, you cheeky bedroom community, you.


Over the weekend, Shrewsbury residents Karen Lovell and Mike DeNardo presented the second annual Evening of Artistry, or “EOA 2: The Rising,” in their home for a gathering of local creative types and select friends.

As they did last year, Karen & Mike transformed their house into a gallery for one night, filling it with paintings, small sculpted pieces and other artworks made by those in attendance. “Bizarro” genre novelist and short-storyist Ray Fracalossy read a piece from his new collection, Tales from the Vinegar Wasteland. The rock band Sheep Bamboo—in which DeNardo mans the keyboards—played a set.

Fracalossy’s the guy in the glasses at far left. Fans of the local psychedelic rock scene of a few years back may recognize him as the lead guitarist in Lord John (MySpace registration required). Clockwise from there are DeNardo; Sheep Bamboo guitarist & singer Barry Roberts; and Karen Lovell.

Want in on next year’s party? Tune into your Muse, and start cozying up to Shrewsbury scenesters Karen & Mike.

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