A pet Chihuahua was chased down and killed by coyotes early this morning in Middletown, according to a report today by the Asbury Park Press.


In the continuing drama over the wild canines, Middletown authorities said at least two canines were involved in chasing the pet, named Lola, down the street after her unsuspecting owners let her out at about 4:15a.

The township’s website carries this notice today:

On May 29th at 4:15 AM (2) coyotes attacked and killed a small-unattended dog on Highland Ave. Leonardo. The coyotes last seen running up Highland Ave. toward Atlantic Highlands. Residents are reminded not to allow or leave small children and pet’s outdoors without supervision.

From the Press:

Authorities believe a coyote likely spotted Lola, as soon the Chihuahua’s owner opened the door to her Highland Avenue home to let the dog outside early this morning.

The coyote began to chase Lola down the street, toward Kunkel Park. Once the coyote caught the dog, it killed it around 4:15 a.m. today, said Township Administrator Robert Czech.

Last week, A Middletown officer shot and killed one coyote. The animals, whose presence in this part of New Jersey had previously not been widely known, have twice attacked children in recent weeks.

The earlier incidents occurred in the vicinity of the Earle Naval Weapons Station or Normandy Road, the limited access government road that feeds the base. Today’s incident occurred north of Route 36 in the Leonardo section of town, nearer to Sandy Hook Bay.

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