Last week’s ‘Where’ brought a stampede of responses from readers hoping to be the first to identify a business that must be near and dear to their hearts.

Yes, it’s the Little Silver Family Pharmacy, a Church Street emporium that’s as much general store as it is a dispensary.

Peg Riley of Shrewsbury beat the rush. Go Peg!

Also getting it right was a host of familiar Whereites (Whereians? Whereists?): Alex Turoczi, Vera Hough, the Colmorgen Clan, Jenn Woods, Jesse Taylor Feldmus, Dylan Barlett and Fair Haven Mayor Mike Halfacre.

Two respondents thought the picture was taken at the Parker Family Health Center on Shrewsbury Avenue.

Thank you to all who sent in answers.

As for this week’s image: Do you recognize it, or want to guess it’s location? Please send us an email.

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