A pregnant woman enroute to Riverview Medical Center from exit 109 of the Parkway gave birth to a son in her car yesterday afternoon.


The Star-Ledger says the woman’s husband, who was driving, called the Monmouth County 911 Communications Center to say his wife was in labor. Christine McCarthy, an experienced EMT on just her second day of work as a sheriff’s 911 dispatcher, advised the man to pull over, which he did, on Newman Springs Road.

But baby Zachary apparently couldn’t wait to make his debut.

From the story:

“Before she could even give (the father) any information and help him out, the baby was out,” Monmouth County Undersheriff Cynthia Scott said, describing the exchange. “(McCarthy) said she was excited
— (it’s) a lot different than helping deliver a baby when it’s right there in front of you.”

The parents, Aberdeen residents Christela Diaz and Anthony Nina, hadn’t made it far down Newman Springs Road before Diaz went into labor in the SUV, said Middletown police Cpl. Bill Kennelly, who arrived at the scene moments after the 3p birth, the Ledger says.

“She was sitting in the passenger seat with the child,” Kennelly said. “I gave him a little poke to make sure he was moving air…Everything looked good — 10 fingers, 10 toes.”

Zachary arrived before his due date, but it was unclear how early, Kennelly said.

Zachary and his parents were doing well last night at Riverview.

“They’re in good condition,” hospital spokeswoman Donna Sellmann told the Ledger. “It’s been quite a day.”

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