Tinton Falls is holding an online beauty contest, and the contestants are two new websites.

Or more accurately, they’re two versions of the the same site. The more popular of the two will become the new municipal site, replacing the unwieldy one the borough has used for several years.

For the past few days and continuing through October 31, borough residents have been invited to check the designs out, weigh in on what they’d like to see included on them, and vote for their favorite.

The redesign is the result of a push by Council President Mike Skudera, who has made local-government usage of the web the centerpiece of a plan to improve government transparency, not only in his adopted hometown but throughout the state.

The purpose of the contest is to get feedback from the residents, whose comments and suggestions “will help shape the design of the new website,” Skudera says.

The same links, forms and other features will be offered on both website designs. Citizen input is sought to determine what features are are most important and to ensure nothing obvious is overlooked, Skudera says.

Don’t be put off by the bland colors: Skudera says both designs are preliminary, so the color and placement of items could be changed depending on what the residents say.

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