The state judiciary may have no room for judges over the age of 70, but a pair of Newark law firms have found desk space for former Supreme Court Chief Justice James Zazzali, the Star-Ledger reports today.

Three months after he was forced at the mandatory retirement age of 70 to step down from the state’s top court, the Rumsonite and former state Attorney General is going back into private practice with two firms. And his return, the Ledger says “will be very much a family affair.”

He rejoined Zazzali, Fagella, Nowak, Kleinbaum & Friedman — the firm his father founded where his brother, Andrew still works — and will also join Gibbons, where his daughter, Mara Zazzali-Hogan, is a lawyer. Both firms are in Newark.

For his part, Zazzali said he’s glad to get to work.

“I am very happy that my old firm has welcomed me back and that my new firm has found a creative way for me to respect my family tradition,” he said. “Being able to practice with my brother and former partners at the one firm and my daughter at the other is very important to me. This will also allow me to practice in a broad range of legal subjects.”

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