It took two weeks to find a winner, and a tentative one at that.

Even though he or she framed the answer as a question — “Is it the side of the French Restaurant on the corner of Wharf Avenue and East Front Street?” — we’re crediting IslanderE2 with the correct answer. Because it is indeed the alleyway behind Bienvenue, run by Frederic and Audrey Vidal.

This weekend, should you be interested, the special on the menu is Crèpe Périgourdine, described as a whole wheat crèpe stuffed with duck confit, mushroom, shallot and béchamel sauce, gruyere cheese gratin and wild mushroom sauce. Price: $16 as an appetizer, $32 entree.


Now, back to the matter at hand: a striped pole. Have you seen it? If so, where?

Please drop us an email if you know where it is or just want to guess.

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