Last week’s ‘Where‘ was taken from the choir loft of the Calvary Baptist Church, and shows a detail of the magnificent tin ceiling that runs the length of the church’s basilica.

Alas, not a soul wrote in to identify it, but that may be our own fault. As long as we’re in church, a confession: our lack of expertise with photography resulted in the image having a coppery look, whereas the ceiling actually has a silver or pewter cast to it. Our apologies.

Anyway, if you’re not familiar with this deco treasure, we recommend a visit to the church, which is on on Bridge Avenue. The ceiling’s in great shape and looks spectacular from many angles.

Now, from the home of the supreme being to the realm of the superhero, we give you this week’s edition. Sure, you know this character, but where was this picture of him taken?

if you know, or think you do, please drop us an email.

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