Torn between Huckabee and Romney? Don’t know whether to go Hillary or the Big O?

We can’t help you there.

But for questions about the nuts and bolts of voting in today’s Republican and Democratic presidential primaries, there’s lots of guidance on who can participate, and how.

For example: who can vote?

Voters who are registered as Republican or Democrats may vote in their respective party’s primary (and sorry, only that one).

Voters not previously affiliated with either major party may participate by declaring an affiliation with the party in whose primary they which to cast a ballot; you may do so at the polls, and you’ll retain this party affiliation unless you file a form to change your party declaration. But voters who are currently registered with third parties such as the Libertarian and Green parties are not eligible to vote today.

For other questions about voting, the League of Women Voters of New Jersey has put together a solid Q&A. The Star-Ledger has one that also touches on what do if you encounter a problem at the polling place.

As for the actual process of casting a ballot: once again, the Monmouth County Clerk’s Election Division link to a video on how to use the voting machines isn’t working. But instructions are on your paper ballot, if you’ve got one, and in redbankgreen‘s archive, if you don’t.

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