Img_3177The upper portion of a utility pole, with streetlight attached, hangs suspended above Leroy Place after a tree fell on power and phone lines late this afternoon.

A wind-toppled tree that fell on utility lines knocked out power to homes along Leroy Place at about 4:30p today.

The traffic light at the intersection of Broad Street, Harding Road/Reckless Place was also out, apparently as a result.

Firefighters and police were on the scene awaiting the arrival of utility company workers.

According to the National Weather Service, winds are gusting at up to 44 miles per hour. A wind advisory is in effect until midnight, with gusts up to 50 mph making driving difficult.

Add to that a band of showers that will make for low visibility and leave up to an inch of snow, and you’ve got a good reason to stay home if you can.

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