Maybe you’ve seen her, or someone you’re pretty sure was her, at the Antiques Center, a vaguely Garbo-esque figure picking among the lamps and jewelry.


Or perhaps you’ve spotted her at the Red Bank post office; that had to have been her buying stamps at the counter, right?

One thing’s certain: you didn‘t see her at CBGB back in ’78, even though you’ve been telling people you did for so long that you’ve come to believe it.

Well, now, you can see River Plaza’s own Debbie Harry and her band, Blondie, right here on her home turf and yours. And there’ll be no doubting your eyes and ears.

The Count Basie Theatre says Harry and the band will be bringing their own brand of rapture to the Monmouth Street stage on Tuesday, June 17.

Tix, priced from $49 to $100, are available here.

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