From the borough police logs. Entries are unedited.

Criminal Mischief occurring on 4-12-08 in the rear of Broad St Parking Lot. Victim reported that unknown person(s) damaged his parked vehicle by denting and scratching the driver’s side and passenger side, ripping the rag top roof and breaking the tail light. Ptl. Wendy Samis.

Criminal Mischief occurring between 4-12-08 and 4-14-08 at White St. Owner of business reported that unknown person slashed the rear tire of parked van which belonged to the company. Ptl. David Hicks.

Burglary occurring on 4-17-08 at Shrewsbury Ave. residence. Victim residing in house reported that unknown person had gained entry and stole cash and a gold bracelet. Ptl. Robert Kennedy. Det. Juan Sardo.

Robbery occurring on 4-17-08 at 2335 hours at Bridge Ave. church. Victim reported that while walking with a friend in the area of the church a black male subject rode up on a bicycle. The subject got off the bike, grabbed the victim and began punching him in the face demanding his money. The subject took the victim’s cash from wallet and fled the area. Ptl. Thomas Doremus.

Shoplifting incident occurring at Broad St. grocery store on 4-17-08. Inga Mamasakhlisi, female from Red Bank was arrested for shoplifting items from the grocery store and placing them in her purse. Accused left the store without paying for the items. Ptl. John Camarca.


5 Contempt of Court


Elvia Briggs, age 29 female from Keansburg was arrested on 4-16-08 in the area of Monmouth St. for Disorderly Conduct by Ptl. James DePonte.

Javier Panohaya-Luna, age 23 male from Red Bank was arrested on 4-13-08 in the area of Shrewsbury Ave. for DWI by Ptl. David Hicks.

Chrisstopher H. Sims, male, age 18 of Red Bank was arrested on 4-11-08 in the area of Harding Rd. for Poss. of CDS, Marijuana Under 50 grams by Ptl. Paul Perez.

Fabio Alfaro-Sampson, age 24 male of Red Bank was arrested on 4-11-08 in the area of Monmouth St. for Simple Assault by Ptl. Wendy Samis.

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