Believe the balloons: No fewer than 147 homes, plus the public library, are participating in Saturday’s Red Bank Townwide Yard Sale.

One “seller” is giving everything away, free. Somebody else has a toilet and sink for sale.

There are Christmas decorations, musical instruments (another drum set included), a diaper-changing table/dresser, a tea cart, exercise equipment and a couple of refrigerators.

We’ve got $10 antiques, CDS, kitchen utensils and, at just about every stop, “household items.” The Red Bank Public Library is getting in on the action, too, with a silent auction of furnishings, including card catalog filing cabinets.

Somebody even took the absolute-truth-in-advertising approach to describing what she’ll be selling: “Junk.”

Saturday is the first-ever Red Bank Townwide Yard Sale, and what you’re looking at above is a representation of the enthusiasm with which borough residents have leapt at the chance to repurpose, recycle and just get rid of stuff they no longer need but still has value.

Maybe it’s the economy, or a longing to do some major housecleaning. But from Rector Place to Pinckney Road, from Newman Springs Road to River Road, every corner and pocket of town is represented.

A person could spend the entire day shopping on Mechanic Street alone.

But with 148 locations and counting, how can buyers make sense of it? You almost need a map and a scorecard.

It just so happens that redbankgreen has map and the list of all the participating homes at the Red Bank Townwide Yard Sale microsite.

Print it out and start mapping your strategy. And here’s to a day of safe and happy haggling!

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