Basierow_9Basietheatre_7The aisle stanchion on row U, left; a view of the hall from the balcony, right. (Photos by Jim Willis)

After four months in dry dock, it’s back to the high seas of entertainment for the Count Basie Theatre Thursday night, with a concert by Bobby Bandiera and the Jersey Shore Rock ‘n Soul Revue, a show that kicks off a string of 40 shows in 40 nights.

Wednesday night, though, no tickets are required to get a close look at what $8 million in plaster, paint and other materials can do for a dowdy old rustbucket.

If you live in the 07701 zip code, you should have received a postcard two weeks ago inviting you to a reception Wednesday night. But if you didn’t get it or did but misplaced it, you can still get in, Basie officials tell us.

Basiedome_3Basiefrieze_5An ice-blue sky touched with wispy clouds turns the central dome into a faux oculus; there’s now a chandelier hanging from the center. Right, a look at some of the intricate painted detail in what was previously an all-white interior. (Photos by Jim Willis)

But you must call to RSVP so the theater knows how many people to expect. Call Ann Marie at 732.224.8778 x 105.

The event runs from 5 to 7p.

Meantime, here are some photos taken by Jim Willis on October 17, when final touches were being applied to the resplendent interior.

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