HardingcrashEmergency personnel behind Greentree Apartments on Spring Street.

Police, fire and first aid workers were on the scene early Sunday morning after a car heading west on Harding Road in Red Bank went off the road and down into a wooded ravine next to the First Presbyterian Church.

The crash happened shortly before midnight Saturday.

After failing to navigate a hard bend in the road at the top of Tower Hill, the car crossed the the apron of the church driveway, flattened a guard rail and clipped numerous trees before ending up on the driver’s side some 35 to 50 feet below street level.

Hardingcrash2Police officers from Little Silver and Red Bank overlooking the crash scene from Harding Road.

The vehicle came to rest at the rear of the Greentree Apartments on Spring Street. Emergency workers climbed a chain link fence to gain access to the scene.

No official information about the accident was immediately available, but sources told redbankgreen that the driver had been reported for possible DWI shortly before the accident. There was no police pursuit, we’re told.

We saw one individual being carried on a stretcher to a waiting ambulance.

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