Mary Randolph Carter is a collector who loves old objects. But not just aged items; things that wear their age proudly, like a door with paint flaking off its surfaces.

It’s an aesthetic born of biography: Carter grew up on a 17th-century farm in Virginia with a father who instilled in her “a tremendous respect for old things,” she says. “An old squeaky hinge. Old books; tattered, rusty, peeling things.”

These days, in her free time from her job as vice president of advertising for Polo Ralph Lauren, Carter’s the author of a series of books on collecting what she calls “junk.” And this Saturday, she’ll be in Red Bank to talk about old stuff and sign copies of her latest book, ‘For the Love of Old.’

Today’s edition of Red Bank oRBit features an interview with Carter. So pull up a rocking chair near the hearth, folks…

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