Following previews, 'ReEntry' is now fully underway at at Red Bank’s Two River Theater, and today's Red Bank oRBit salutes it with an admiring review.

The play, by Emily Ackerman and KJ Sanchez, weighs the costs of war through the words and voices of a variety of returning combat veterans from Iraq. The narrative puts a spotlight on one family in particular, providing "real structure and genuine heart to what
otherwise might have been a powerful but shapeless series of
monologues," oRBit editor editor Tom Chesek writes.

He adds:

Missing in action here is any sense of blame-game politics, or of any
overtly preachy point of view. These people, Corps to the core, are
neither victims or villains; neither wavers of flags nor whackers of
Bush. They have their bad days — in some cases really bad
days — but they have each other’s backs, and they present a sense that
they, and us, are going to come through this thing all right.

If you happen to be a veteran of the U.S. armed forces, there's a free ticket with your name on it at the box office.

And whether you've worn the uniform or not, we've got all the full details at Red Bank oRBit.

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