PinkGuitarYou’ve read all those stories about the legendary and long-gone Upstage
club, but do you ever wonder where your favorite Shore musicians get
together these days to talk music, make connections and just jam on whatever
tune comes to mind?

It’s a place right here in Red Bank — and today’s Red Bank oRBit takes a close look at the scene that’s been growing around Jamian’s Food and Drink and the weekly Open Mic Jam Night events that have been hosted
since the beginning of the year by local music man Rob Dye.

Dye, by the by, has his first CD coming out this very week, and on Friday he’ll
be joining another Shore recording artist, Roger Gardella, for a
double-header release party at McLoone’s in Asbury Park. We’ve got the
details on that show — and we’ll be taking you back to Jamian’s for its
latest art exhibit reception, going on Thursday night and spotlighting the
musically inspired work of Red Bank artist Kat Stuart, whose PINK GUITAR is shown here.

All this plus the high-concept conspiracy of VAST and the return of Eddie and the Hot Rods as Music Week rounds the hump here in Red Bank oRBit.

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