The former in-laws of David Goldman are pushing back against the Tinton Falls man’s claims that his now-deceased ex-wife took his son, Sean, away from a happy marriage.

There was “no love” in the marriage when Bruna Bianchi took Sean Goldman on vacation to Brazil in 2004, her mother says in an appearance this morning on CBS’s Early Show.

It was only after her arrival in her native country that Bianchi decided to stay and get divorced from Goldman, Silvana Bianchi said during an interview broadcast earlier today from in the show’s New York studio.

According to the show’s website, Silvana Bianchi, speaking in English,

told co-anchor Harry Smith there was deep trouble in the Goldman marriage before her daughter left New Jersey. Goldman has described the marriage as a good one.

Bianchi and Silva said Sean loves his stepfamily and feel safe and secure with them, and wants to continue living with them. Silva said he loves Sean as much as he does his biological daughter, and Bianchi said Goldman is welcome to visit Sean as frequently as he wants. Goldman has been accusing the stepfamily of blocking such efforts.