Easy to overlook, yet in plain sight: that’s pretty much what this weekly feature is all about.

One might say that description is particular apt for the building that served as last week’s entry.

The structure that’s home to an Investors Savings Bank branch at 20 White Street in Red Bank has long stood as something akin to information booth at Grand Central Terminal, with cars and pedestrians flowing around all four sides.

The photos isolated a gate to a utility room on the east side of the structure. The gate was one of several nice touches included in an overhaul of the building completed a year ago.

More recently, a display was added on the same side of the building to advertise local performances.

Thanks to Trish DePonti and Alex Jones for writing in to identify our Where.

How about this week’s shot? If you know where it was taken or would like to guess, send us an email, please.