pba-consumer-warning-copy2Red Bank’s Police Benevolent Association, trying to raise money for its charitable efforts, is warning residents of a lookalike, or soundalike, effort.

In a sternly worded notice (at right; click to enlarge) and accompanying letter to borough residents, PBA Local 39 president Robert Campanella¬† tells residents that any “PBA” phone solicitations they might get aren’t coming from them.

“The Red Bank PBA does not now, and has never solicited donations via the telephone,” Campanella says in his letter.

It also doesn’t get any money from bulk solicitations sent through the mail by third parties on behalf of nameless “law enforcement groups,” he writes.

pba-fund20091The warning, from the state PBA, says the organization and its 360 local affiliates “do not use telemarketing schemes for any purpose whatsoever.

“The State P.B.A. is very proud of the relationship that we have built within our communities and will not betray the trust of our citizens by engaging in high pressure and inherently deceptive fund raising schemes,” the notice continues. It advises residents who get the calls and feel pressured into contributing to report the calls to the state Consumer Affairs Hotline (1-800-242-5846).

Local 39 uses funds it raises to support D.A.R.E. anti-drug messaging in schools; a Thanksgiving food drive and Christmas toy drive; programs for soldiers and black and Hispanic young achievers and other efforts.