The national debate on healthcare insurance flooded redbankgreen‘s comments section last week, providing an abundance of strong candidates for this week’s spotlight.

The back-and-forth was spirited and civil, and perhaps surprisingly, not completely partisan. But there was no mistaking the passions on the various sides, including several commenters who called for less partisanship.

We’re splitting the ideological baby by making two selections for this edition of Comment of the Week.

This one, from ‘Bill;’

Why is it that anyone who opposes Obamacare is automatically labeled as a republican political operative, who doesn’t want to debate the issues?

First of all, what is there to debate? The Obama administration and supporters of a healthcare bill, have not yet provided a single specific plan that can be debated. Also, do the healthcare supporters who are calling for a debate on the issues, really want to debate? Or do they just want to give lip service and just push this through, without regard to the will of the people? The anger of those opposed to this “plan” stems from the fact that it is obvious that the liberals in Congress, plan to ram this through, whether we like it or not. The checks and balances that were built into the constitution no longer exist. The houses of Congress, have merged with the White House in order to impose their will on the people.

Perhaps our representatives on Capitol Hill, should be listening to what their constituents really want, then going back to Capitol hill to debate the issue, based on the will of those who elected them. What a novel idea…
Furthermore, why can’t some people just accept the fact that other people’s, common sense, and life experience tells them that the federal government is incapable of administering any large program efficiently? That healthcare is a private matter that the government should stay out of.

Obama promised to bring change, but so far it’s just more of the same, wasteful spending, and further intrusion on the freedoms granted to every citizen under the US Constitution.

The other was by ‘Susan:’

Ask people who actually know something about civilized countries with healthcare for citizens. They do not fight with insurance companies for coverage… they get the care they need!

That whole scare tactic about rationing of healthcare is nonsense. “Sandra” is right, it is the standard, not the exception for what is happening now, with insurors who profit when they DON’T approve care. I spent 26 solid years as COO of a healthcare company – don’t even get me started on examples of the top insurance companies denying reasonable care.

Howzabout “Managed Care” where they discharge a 94 year old man to the sole care of his 93 year old wife just 36 hours after heart surgery and expect to teach her to administer push meds(into the heart)?

How about the women they discharge after radical mastectomies by the busload and ask their loved ones to do the wound care just a day or so after surgery? You would pass out at the sight of this wound. The insurance company will approve ONE “Teaching visit” at home for an RN to TEACH a petrified family member to do the sterile wound care and then don’t want to cover the correct wound care supplies and discharge the patient empty handed! Then someone (usually the patient or a distraught family member) has to get on the phone and, assuming they can get past the automated system, beg for additional wound care visits. This is the rule, not the exception, friends.

How much time do you have? I have ten thousand cases to tell you about and every nurse I know that doesn’t have the time to take care of all her patients or has patients who were discharged when they really should be in the hospital will back me up.

And we are not even delving into the people who don’t go the hospital when they need to because they don’t have coverage or seniors whose medical conditions deteriorate because they have to choose between food and meds. Have you seen empty refrigerators and shaking elderly hands breaking pills in half to stretch them out?

THAT is rationing health care and that’s why we need a reasonable plan. I pray that we get universal care, and I’m a Republican.

Thank you to Bill, Susan and all who commented, with a special nod to Sandra Talarico for using her real name.

If you see a comment this week that you think stands out from the pack, feel free to say so in a comment of your own, or give redbankgreen a nudge.