“It was the last time that New York was any good,”  Marcia Resnick tells us. “Everybody was poor then.”

The legendary fine-art photographer and photojournalist comes to Red Bank on Friday for the opening of Punks, Poets and Politicians, a major retrospective of her work as a chronicler of (and participant in) one of the most seismic shifts in modern American music, art and culture — all of it centered around NYC’s dimmest days, and nearly all of it accomplished on a shoestring budget.

Red Bank oRBit has an interview with the artist (pictured above, alongside one of her portraits of the late Johnny Thunders) in advance of her appearance at  McKay Imaging Gallery. The woman who shot Andy Warhol (and Abbie Hoffman and Timothy Leary and Sid Vicious) tells us of her experiences with famous faces ranging from cult figures like Lester Bangs, to cultural touchstones like Mick Jagger and the ill-fated John Belushi.

It’s all right here, in Red Bank oRBit.