The location of last week’s image turns out to be well known, perhaps because of the time many motorists spend waiting for the traffic lights to change at the Red Bank junction of Broad Street, Reckless Place and Harding Road.

We heard from Livid Instruments, Thomas Doremus, Lindsey Hintelman, the Colmorgen Clan, Matt Villa, Audrey Oldoerp (who says “it reminds me of the sculpture by Gustav Vigeland in Frogner Park in Oslo, Norway”), Joanna, Jackie Patterson, Jenn Woods and Denis Higgins, David Prown, Vera Hough, Dayna Stein, Jessica Losardo, Ellen Clayton, Robert Clark, Les Hathaway, Dan Mancuso, Arlene Holiday, Andrew Bertrand, Thomas Mancuso, Marjorie Bertrand, J.C. Kelly, Rich Doremus, Jennifer Diodato-Hernandez, Trish DePonti, Alan Fisher, Alicia Woods, Donald Patterson and Sue Noone.

All but one of them got the location right: the patio atop the Lamplighter/Tower Hill Antiques store at the northeast corner.

The incorrect guess had it at the Guild of Creative Arts in Shrewsbury. That location, with a sculpture in a similar style (made, we’re told, by the same artist, Sid Martin), was actually the subject of a Where Have I Seen This? back in October, 2006.

Thanks to all who wrote in.

How about this week? Have you been to the end of the road? If you think you know where our photo was snapped, send us an email, please.