where2_091709It’s safe to say we were swamped with responses to last week’s Where Have I Seen This?, and quite pleasantly so, as many of the 33 emails we received were entertaining or enlightening.

As most who wrote in knew, the photo showed the boardwalk at the nature preserve in Little Silver, at the corner of Prospect Avenue and Little Silver Point Road. Misguesses identified the location as Sandy Hook, Keansburg and Atlantic Highlands.

Among the notes we got was this one, from Christine Gavin:

I’ve loved that walk since I was a kid and am so happy that at least that is unchanged (!!) In Karen Schnitzpahn‘s book, Little Silver Vol.1, she writes about it, “This is the only large open space left in town that gives insight into what things were like when nothing else was around, in a time before the invention of photography” I love that!

From Jen Hussey:

little silver’s nature walk thingy….over the swamp and through the woods. I know it well

Alicia Woods:

Little Silver’s bridge to nowhere……….crosses the wetlands area at the end of Prospect Ave….near the corner of L.S. Point Road. I don’t think this actually has a name. It was built by anonymously donated funds so that you could actually walk into the wetlands there.

Margery Cohen:

That’s the boardwalk in the swamp over Little Silver Creek in the park off of Prospect Avenue. BTW, There’s an owl there that sounds like a barking dog.

Thanks to Christine, Jen, Alicia and Margery, as well as everyone else who wrote in.

How about this week’s pic? If you think you know where it was snapped, send us an email, please.