His t-shirt, hat and hoodie designs are among the hottest items of the moment — sold in stores worldwide, spotted on all the right bands, on celebs from Seth Green to Ashlee Simpson, and even the odd fourth-grader. And to think it all started with a can of spray paint.

Today’s edition of Red Bank oRBit looks in on Jonny Smith (left), owner and spiritual leader of Kill Brand, the locally based clothing company that not so long ago was being run out of a van and a bunch of cardboard boxes. Nowadays the label’s a force to be reckoned with; one that stays hypercurrent with the help of people like 17-year old Red Bank area “prodigy” Brandon Gallagher.


Kill Brand rolls out its latest lines this Thursday at a Thanksgiving Night Midnight Vultures Dance Party at the Brighton Bar, during which Smith will take the stage with his new band Gentleman Wolf. But before Thanky Thursday comes Wacky Wednesday, and we’re highlighting our personal picks and pet causes (including perennial site favorite Nicole Atkins, right) for that no-school night before TurksDay.

After that comes Freaky Friday and the frantic season beyond — and we’ve got your map to that merriest of minefields, ONLY in Red Bank oRBit.