rbpd-patrol-webCrime reports provided by the Red Bank Police Department for the weeks of October 30 to November 12, 2009. This information appears here unedited

Theft reported on 10-30-09 at Riverside Ave.—residence. Victim reported that
between 10-14-09 and 10-30-09 unknown person(s) stole medication from residence.
Ptl. Heather Publyski.

Theft reported 11-5-09 at Herbert Street. Victim reported that on 9-10-09 a debit card
was stolen from wallet while at residence. The card was used for purchases after the
theft. Ptl. Heather Publyski.

Shoplifting occurring on 11-5-09 at East Newman Springs Rd. Employee reported
that a white female entered store on 11-4-09, placed three bottles of expensive wine in
back pack and left business without paying for same. Ptl. David Hicks.

Criminal Mischief occurring on 11-6-09 at Bank Street. Victim reported that damage
was done to her parked vehicle. The front and rear passenger side window was badly
scratched with unidentified object. Ptl. Michael Campanella.

Criminal Mischief occurring at McLaren St. between 11-7-09 and 11-8-09. Victim
reported that unknown person(s) threw a beer bottle at parked vehicle smashing rear
passenger side window. Ptl. Deron Ilarraza.

Theft reported on 11-10-09 at Leroy Place. Victim reported that between the dates of
11-3-09 and 11-4-09 an unknown person stole wallet from parked vehicle. Wallet
contained train pass, misc. I.D., and charge cards. Ptl. John Camarca.

Theft occurring on 11-10-09 at Maple Ave. Victim reported that unknown person(s)
stole jacket from locker room. Ptl. James DePonte.

Theft reported on 11-11-09 from Maple Ave. – Doctors Office. Report of unknown
person(s) removing two to ten blank prescription sheets from pad. Ptl. Deron Ilarraza.

ARRESTS 11 Contempt of Court

Michael Mikytuck, age 45 male from Franklin Park, NJ was arrested on 11-12-09 in the
area of Rector Place for DWI by Ptl. Ashon Lovick.

Luia Perez, age 30 male from Red Bank was arrested on 11-11-09 in the area of
Riverside Ave. for DWI by Ptl. George Travastino.