hot-topic rightA small leaf fallen from the massive federal stimulus package passed by Congress last year will result in tender loving care for some Red Bank trees.

Borough officials say they’ve gotten $7,000 Business Stimulus Fund grant via the state to provide for pruning and other services.

The grant, via the state, “will let us hire a local business to do much-needed tree maintenance,” Shade Tree Committee member Boris Kofman tells redbankgreen.

The money will help offset the loss of borough arborist Mike Olimpi, who was axed last year as an austerity move, town officials said.

From a press release issued by the borough today:

The Shade Tree Committee, formed in 2004, has the authority to regulate, plant, care for and control the shade and ornamental trees and shrubbery on Borough-owned properties.  As part of the Committee’s five year Community Forestry Management Plan, one its goals is to have an ongoing tree maintenance program which reduces liability to the Borough and enhances quality of life for residents.  Since its formation, the Committee has facilitated the planting of over 400 trees with funding coming from the Borough, County and State programs as well as private donations.

During an on-going tree inventory, the Committee identified a number of trees that were hazardous and slated them for removal in the interest of public safety.  The inventory also identified a number of mature trees that require pruning for safety as well as the health of the tree.  The Committee members felt the BSF grant would enable them to move forward with these essential maintenance activities at a time when municipal resources were unavailable.