You’ve seen his somber, silent, life-size figures in places like the Port Authority and the National Mall — and now George Segal is coming to the outskirts of town. Not the veteran comic actor (although that would be cool too) but the famed artist who became the most noted American sculptor of his time by championing the “everyman” over the “great man.” Today’s edition of Red Bank oRBit has the details on a major installation of those distinctive sculptures, paintings and drawings by the Jersey-based Segal (who passed away in 2000) — joined with a retrospective of images by his friend, assistant and photographic chronicler Donald Lokuta (pictured at right with Segal on the Asbury boardwalk).

It’s all going on at the Monmouth Museum in Lincroft, with a menu of extras including catered receptions, special guest speakers, and an unprecedented field trip to the artist’s (heretofore off-limits) home studio.


But if that’s insufficiently romantic for your sensibilities, then check out our profile of Matt Levine (left), a young chef who’s hosting his first live cooking clinic this coming Tuesday at Restaurant Plan B in Asbury Park. Added to the excitement is the announcement that the 22 year old Scorpio has been elevated to the lofty position of Bachelor Number One on the Jersey Shore — by virtue of his being the featured goods in the first-ever Dating Game event at the Asbury Lanes. We’ve got dinner and a date, with optional bus excursion on the side — ONLY in Red Bank oRBit!