hot-topic rightMore than a week after the second of two blizzards walloped the Red Bank area, pedestrian access to many crosswalks remains blocked by deep piles of snow left by plows.

The folks from Safe Routes to School want to help.

A handful of them took to intersections around Red Bank last night to clear paths through bulwarks of snow, ice and slush that seem to be going nowhere for a while, even with yesterday’s temperature in the high 30s.

“The warmth has made it easier to crack through to the bottom ice, but it’s still a slushy mess,” says organizer Marc Dostie.

Shovelers cleared the crosswalk access at the five points intersection of Harding Road, Branch Avenue and Hudson Avenue, as well as a problematic stretch of Linden Place.

Now, the Safe Routes folks, who advocate for improved pedestrian and bike paths to schools, are looking for other mounds to conquer. They’re offering to clear crosswalk access points as well as sidewalks in front of residences and businesses, Dostie says — “any dangerous or impassable pedestrian way, but we’ll give priority to school routes.”

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