This one enlarges, so give it a click… and if you think you know where you’ve seen it, drop us an email, please.

Regarding last week’s image, we heard from Jessica Paviluk, Bea Sena, Jim Willis, J.P. Marczak, Pam Borghi, Charles Avery, Mark & Cindy Allen, William Crooks, kspuds153, the Colmorgen Kids, and Wendy Spencer.

Most thought our shot was a detail from the mural on the side of the Red Bank Elks lodge facing Riverside Gardens Park on West Front Street, and a few thought it was from another Red Bank mural, on the facade of Hobbymasters on White Street.

Nope. Among our guessers, though, only Jessica, kspuds and the Colmorgens got it right. It’s at the rear entrance to Zebu Forno, facing English Plaza.

Thanks to all for playing.