Magician’s wives have never had it easy — they’ve been sliced, diced, shot at, twisted, turned into zoo animals, or simply disappeared — and one top trickster allegedly made the fact that he was a married man into his most closely guarded secret. In today’s edition of Red Bank oRBit, however, we reveal the identity of magic’s longest-running couple — and explain how this 25-years-plus union has also become a full partnership in prestidigitation.

Married since 1983, Kevin and Cindy Spencer (above) have made their home on the road for a good part of each year — and when they return to the Count Basie Theatre this Friday, the Spencers will transform the Count’s crib into a Theatre of Illusion, with a road-tested roster of grand gags (many of them unique to their act) that includes an awesome Walk Through a Brick Wall, a Mind-Read with the entire audience, and the ever-popular Spikes of Doom.

We’ve got an exclusive interview with Kevin Spencer, one half of one of the most award winning acts in hocus-pocus history — materializing ONLY in Red Bank oRBit!