From the Today Show to her appearance tomorrow night in Red Bank, THE HAPPINESS PROJECT author Gretchen Rubin has followed her bliss right to the Number One spot on the NY Times bestseller list.

The pursuit of happiness can take you to some pretty unexpected places — just ask Gretchen Rubin, whose own chronicle of the year she spent “test-driving studies and theories about how to be happier” has taken the former US Supreme Court clerk straight to the top of the New York Times bestsellers list.

Tuesday night, April 13, the author of The Happiness Project follows her bliss to Red Bank, where she’ll visit NovelTeas Authors Aromas & Gifts for a sold-out reading and signing appearance that was originally scheduled for what turned out to be a decidedly snowy evening back in February.

In a full-length interview that ran on our satellite site Red Bank oRBit, Rubin busted some cherished myths regarding that smiley state of being — such as the one about money not buying happiness, and that thing about “having it all.”

She also let us in on the meaning of the word “shticklet.”

You can read the full text of that conversation right here, and get up to date on more literary-minded doings happening on Bridge Avenue at the NovelTeas website.