After a week of complete silence, redbankgreen fans were lining up to tell us about the location of last week’s picture, which showed the famed face of creepy amusement park barker Tillie.

Ah, but which Tillie?

We heard from 22 of  readers, including, we’re happy to say, some unfamiliar names. But two of you folks (and you know who you are) were mistaken.

No, it’s not the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park — nor, as one asserted, is the Wonder Bar the location of the relocated original Palace Amusements Tillie; that’s a reproduction.

As all of our other correspondents knew, Red Bank has had its own version of Tillie for a number of years, one that’s a little bit out of the way yet visible from its busiest street, Maple Avenue/Route 35.

Answer: Second-floor terrace, serving apartments above a vacant store at the corner of Maple Avenue and Gold Street.

Writing in were Jennifer Krumholz-Marmorato Cathy Donohue, John Mego, Mike Miller, Bonnie Brookes, John Ekdahl, David Prown, the Colmorgen Kids, Cathy Costa, Jessica Paviluk, Pete DeFazio, Trish DePonti, Mark Molzon, Jenn Woods, Brock Siebert, Mark & Cindy Allen, Dawn Stout, Donald Patterson, Pam Borghi, Thomas Ryan and Craig Widmaier. A big thanks to all.

If you know where this week’s photo was taken, please drop us an email with WHERE in the subject line.