cluck-u-stickerMore stickers have been found on borough property since the issue came up in May, Councilman Michael DuPont says. (Photo by Dustin Racioppi; click to enlarge)


Red Bank’s borough council is ready to go beak-to-beak with a chicken-wing business it says is marring municipally-owned property with advertising.

Councilman Michael DuPont said he’s noticed that since the council raised the issue back in May, when Mayor Pasquale Menna raised the idea of fining businesses for having stickers on borough property, more stickers have shown up on signs in town. A prominent offender, DuPont said, is Cluck-U Chicken, of the City Centre strip mall on Water Street.

“Cluck-U Chicken has desecrated our signs,” DuPont said.

Menna, who said he’s sick and tired of seeing the oval yellow signs in town, vowed to crack down  with an ordinance that would fine a business for each of its stickers found on borough property.

To be fair, he said, businesses other than Cluck U are represented on the signs, but the wing purveyor’s advertising has become rampant in town.

“Nobody can tell me it’s a random act,” he said. “It’s concocted.”

DuPont waggishly replied: “Maybe we can tell them to go Cluck-U.”

Menna said the tagging is an abuse of advertising, and to see it proliferated through the borough is an annoyance and an eyesore.

“We ought to be able to say, our property is our property. It’s sacrosanct,” he said. “It should be clean.”

Borough Attorney Tom Hall is expected to draft the ordinance for introduction at the next council meeting, scheduled for August 9.