redbankgreen‘s Cool Inside series of summer delights pops in this week at Crazee’s in Rumson for cold treat that’s fresh out of a hot machine.

What is it called?
The home-made waffle cone.

Where is it sold?
Crazee’s Institute of Fine Ice Cream and Nuts
2 West River Road
Rumson, New Jersey 07760

Hard ice cream, $5.80, cone or waffle bowl; soft ice cream, $4.95, cone or waffle bowl.

What’s in the waffle?
“It’s just regular, plain-old waffle mix,” says shop manager Emily Baker. “But we make it in a specialty waffle cone machine and then we roll them.”

The ice cream, including flavors such as Baker’s favorite ‘Moose Tracks’ — vanilla fudge with mini peanut butter cups — comes from Thomas Sweet, an ice cream and chocolate shop in Princeton.

Who created it?
“I saw it done at an ice cream store down in Maryland a couple of years ago and looked into it, and we brought a waffle machine here,” says Baker. Prior to that, Crazee’s bought its waffle cones pre-made.

What’s great about the cones? What makes them stand out?
“They’re much fresher,” says Baker. “We make them to order, and it takes about a minute to cook. Then we let it dry and cool.” On a hot summer night, this can cause an extended wait, but customers know it’s worth their time, she says.

On request, cones can be dipped in chocolate topping and nuts or sprinkles. The ice cream goes into the cone when it’s still a bit warm, Baker says, “and it tastes amazing.”

Crazee’s also makes “waffle bowls” used to line paper ice-cream cups.

Fill in the blank with the first word that comes to mind:
If this product didn’t exist, life would be: “terrible.” (Emily Baker)